DigiScape Series

Interactive art installation

In the DigiScape series, we will venture into an unknown realm. Here, digital is not just a medium, but a poetic language, painting a world interwoven with reality and fantasy. Each digital image not only recreates the appearance of nature but also deeply reveals its soul and spirit.

In this series, each piece is a new journey, leading us to explore a future world where reality blurs with illusion, and technology coexists with nature. In this journey, we are not just audience, but participants. Sensors bridge our interaction with the artwork, weaving our every breath and movement into this future landscape. As our senses become the brush, each interaction leaves a unique mark on the virtual canvas.

Here, together, we will create our own "Digital Nature."

The artwork from the DigiScape series was exhibited in the following exhibition.

2023 | Love is Love, SKM Diamond Tower, Taipei
2022 | Reference, PPP Space, Taipei

Botanical Eden

— 2023

Sea Sparkle

— 2022


— 2021


— 2021


— 2021

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