DigiScape Series

Interactive installation series — on the way to the benchmark

“I want to reconnect with my muse of creation.”

In 2021, inspired by this self-murmuring, bringing along with ten straightforward creative principles, DigiScape was born in Neihu, Taiwan.

Creation has always been my haven, where I can digest my emotions and regulate my state there. It’s also the only channel to reveal my true-self to the outside world. DigiScape carries my opinions and feelings about the different stages of my personal journey across the world.

Due to my personality, it’s always difficult for me to keep focusing on the same things. Instead, I am inclined to wander among different areas, residing at the crossroads of art, design, and technology, which leads me to create DigiScape, a series that meshes the reality and virtuality of all these traditional disciplines.

DigiScape is a portmanteau word composed of digital and -scape: digital is the field I am good at; -scape is for the variety of themes. This may sound blatant, but the most important thing for me is to create arbitrarily, without any rigid boundary/limitation.

In addition to this self-willed statement, I also want to push myself to the limit seeing how much I can achieve.

Let’s witness together.

peace 🤞

Sea Sparkle

— 2022


— 2021


— 2021


— 2021

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