DigiScape Series

I've been asking myself if the border between digital and reality still be clearly distinguished in the future. I thought it wasn't that big of a deal, but then I started to realize the new media artists all tried to create their unique artistic style and elaborate their own opinions through various formats nowadays. Their attempts are successful to some degree. No matter how innovative their ideas are, the essence of creation includes subjectivities, which somewhat adds the personal touch to the artworks. However, there aren't too many creations that show the artists' self-questioning and the process of their explorations. Instead, playing with formats and technical skills are more commonly seen in the industry.

During the time I studied more about computing visualization, I found what I truly love is interactive immersive visualization. I am greatly amazed by the magic to make the audience lingering between virtuality and reality with uncertainty, impacts, and awesomeness. As I have asked myself frequently, are we able to distinguish the real and the virtual worlds in the future? Or will there be an era that the reality is actually built in a virtual world, like what is described in the movie Ready Player One?

DigiScape is an never-ending project for me. I will present the project from the perspective of generative art and in the format of digital reproduction. In this way, I can reinterpret the scenery in all dimensions and integrate all kinds of interaction, which allows the audience to communicate with the creation and become a part of it.


— 2021


— 2021


— 2021

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