DigiScape - Botanical Eden

- 2023

Project Type Installation
Client Self-Initiated

Interactive Visual Design & Develop Ke Jyun Wu
Fiber Art Design V&J Studio

Installation Design Ta Chung Design  chwan1 動力博士藝術有限公司

Photographer YHLAA

The Convolution Triodust

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"True completeness arises only when the digital and physical worlds intertwine."

"BOTANICAL EDEN," as the fifth installment in the DigiScape series, paves a new path blending the physical and digital realms.

In this exploration, I embarked on a journey to infuse the spirit of the digital into the real world. Through close collaboration with fiber artist V&J Studio and installation artist Ta Chung Liu, "BOTANICAL EDEN" is more than a digital painting; it is a beautiful symphony of physical and virtual elements.

This work reinterprets the common living wall of plants found in everyday life. We skillfully combine digital flora with hand-made flora, creating a vibrant, multi-dimensional interactive space. When participants interact with the digital imagery, they simultaneously control the movement of the real plants and the flow of light. Here, you will witness the seamless integration of the beauty of nature with digital innovation. Each blooming flower seems to quietly narrate its own silent poem, illustrating the harmonious coexistence of nature and technology.

The photos on this page was taken during the display of the artwork at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Group's 2023 Digital Art Exhibition 'Love is Love’.

《 Love is Love 》數位藝術展
▧ 策展統籌|Queena Lin
▧ 專案顧問|Chad Liu
▧ 展場執行|周煥森、林靖淳、丘仁先、李季恩、黃皇維、洪懷遠、曹佳欣
▧ 電視合作夥伴|Samsung Neo QLED 8K

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