DigiScape - Zen

- 2019

Project Type Installation
Client ghostfacex

Visual Design & Develop Ke Jyun Wu

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Zen is a mediation journey bathed in light and shadow.
Here, every beam of light, every shadow, seems to paint a dreamlike tableau of nature. Flowers bloom in the play of light and shadow; insects and fish freely navigate within the embrace of nature. Their growth seems to narrate the hope and vitality of life.

These scenes, like ancient memories, are gently awakened, resonating deep within our souls. Through Zendō, those lost souls in the city can find a moment of tranquillity and solace in this virtual nature. Like a stream gently flowing through a valley, bringing forth the endless hope and vitality, this piece not only showcases the prosperity of nature but also serves as a beautiful hope for the future.

The photos below were taken during the display of the artwork at the Yearly Screening Programme Exhibition, TODTOWN, Shanghai.

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