Waves of Algorithmic Beauty

- 2023

Project Type Installation
Client Meet JP Dental Clinic
Producer 馥谷餘 Fugu Fish Creations

Interactive System Development chwan1

‘Waves of Algorithmic Beauty’ is a generative art piece that explores the relationship between humanity and nature in a digital world, commissioned by Meet JP Dental Clinic.

Through the depiction of a digital ocean, the artwork serves as a metaphor for the intersection between future technology and human values. The digital ocean represents humanity's pursuit of the unknown and our desire for control over nature. While the ocean has traditionally been viewed as a symbol of nature, its transformation into a digital form makes it a completely human-created image. This transformation raises the question of how we can rethink the connection between humanity and nature as technology advances and blurs the line between the two.

Using digital media as a medium, the artwork showcases the beauty of the ocean, capturing the rolling waves, shifting tides, and fluid motion. Through generative art techniques, it creates a lifelike and unpredictable organic quality that transcends traditional artistic boundaries, incorporating unique aesthetic expressions of digital tools.

"Waves of Algorithmic Beauty" invites viewers to contemplate our evolving relationship with nature in a world increasingly driven by digital innovation.

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