- 2018

Project Type Personal Project

Credits :
Visual Design Ke-Jyun Wu
Visual Script Ke-Jyun Wu

After applying it to various projects, the GPU Particle System we developed runs well and stable. We also produced six demos to show the system’s functions and features during the developing process. Our team tested numerous effects of the system for the project Sayion II and producedUnit as to show the system’s values and usefulness to the fullness.

經歷諸多專案的洗禮後,自行開發的GPU Particle System日趨穩定,過程中也製作了約五至六個Demo來展示系統內的功能,因SayionII專案的關係,測試了非常多的效果,基於不浪費原則,就順勢產出這一個作品「Unit」。

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