Sayion II

- 2018

Project Type Performance
Taiwan Design Center,  Egret Foundation  
Agency IF PLUS CO., LTD.
Location eslite Performance Hall

Credits :
Director Jeff Hsieh
Art Director Akibo  
Concept Design Yi-Hsuan Lee
Visual Design Ke Jyun Wu, Yi-Hsuan Lee
Interaction System Ke Jyun Wu
Dancer Lien Hsu
Photographer Terry Lin, 基奇

Egret Foundation and Eslite Performance Hall co-created a real-time interactive media stage play named Sayion in 2015. They received praise all over Taiwan and they worked together again for their brand new interdisciplinary play, Sayion II, in 2018. Other than the upgrade of technical devices, the plot is also different from Sayion, which is about the story of Taiwan. Sayion II has a broader perspective and is constructed with three stories. These stories look independent at first, but they actually bring up the questions about the modern society. They intrigue us to think where we should go and how to live in this world to make our significant moments valuable and unforgotten. The dancer flied high above the stage and the colorful and brilliant background implies the people who feel lost when they realize they can never catch their own selves. The true freedom is the key to listen to your heart and discover what is deep inside your heart.

I am honored and appreciate the invitation from Hsin-Chien Huang, the winner of Best VR Experience Golden Lion Award of Venice Film Festival. He gave me the opportunity to collaborate with various experts – visual artist AKIBO, the director, Chieh-hua Jeff Hsieh, of 2009 World Games in Taiwan and the choreographer Li-Chuan Lin, the former chief dancer of Cirque du Soleil Billy Chang, pianist Chia-Hiu Lu, and the digital platform IF Plus. The project contains the first three chapters in the second story of Sayion II.


這次很榮幸能受威尼斯影展VR最佳體驗金獅獎得主黃心健的邀約與藝術家AKIBO、世大運開幕式導演謝杰樺及編舞家林立川、前太陽劇團首席舞者張逸軍、鋼琴家盧佳慧、 當若科技藝術等各領域菁英一同合作。 此次製作範疇為本劇第二段故事「迷」的前三章完整演出內容。

The Performance

The Technology

New-media Theater means the live performances are created through applied science or technology. The content of New-media Theater differs from each other according to the transmitted information through technological devices. The media that influence the content the most are motion pictures and still images. It is hard to pre-output these images so the real-time synthesis and rendering through computer software are usually applied to the performances. We not only had a breakthrough of the imaging technology but also used motion capture system for real-time motion detection.


3D Motion Tracking
- Xsens MVN

MVN Motion Tracking is an inertia motion capture system which can capture the six degree of freedom of human body and bones in real-time.

The dancers wore MVN’s motion capture suit during the whole performance. The dancers can freely interact with the world, such as spreading particles and disturbing fluid, in the virtual environment due to the linking between the motion tracking system and Unity. After receiving data from the performers, Motions like lifting feet or swaying arms can all be analyzed by the system. These analyses broaden the range of interaction and the dancers are able to throw out photospheres by waving, grow trees by lifting feet, or turn the starry sky by waving hands clockwise.


Realtime VFX
- Particle System
- 2D Fluid Simulation

We developed two VFX systems –Realtime GPU Particle System and Realtime Fluid Simulation System – as a real-time assistance for simulating and reverting to the original art settings.

The Particle System is a great help on immediately constructing a world based on particles in Unity. Then, the system is able to simulate complicated physical actions, such as the wind, smoke, water, and explosion, through algorithms and creates a dynamic and immersive atmosphere. Fluid Simulation System focuses on the more detailed algorithms of fluid simulation. It makes the mixing process of fluid more meticulous and controllable.

With the help of MVN system and the mentioned systems, the dancers can indirectly affect the visual effects by their movements and postures during the performance.

為了在演出中能即時的模擬與還原最初的美術設定,共開發了兩套VFX系統去做輔助,分別是Realtime GPU Particle System與Realtime Fluid Simulation System。

透過Particle System的輔助,可在Unity內即時的建構出以粒子為基礎的世界,隨後再透過各式演算法的輔助,便可模擬風、煙、水、爆裂等等複雜的物理行為,進而營造出動態感強烈且沉浸感十足的現場氛圍。Fluid Simulation是針對流體模擬做更進一步的演算,使流體混合的過程更加細緻與可控。


The Concept

The story of the project is that we have to look into our hearts and create our own world step by step when facing the unknown darkness. We gradually became someone else and lost our confident self. Playing, chasing, fighting, and retreating – we can no longer find our beliefs in the resplendent colors. As time goes by, we gain life experiences and finally realize what we have lost is our hearts


Chapter One
- Intro

In my hazy memory, I’m blind but sensitive in the dark. I’m not afraid and I want to get closer.
The power of sound evokes the journey. It’s a sound like summon from the outer and like the calling deep in the heart


Chapter Two
- Human, the Nature,
and the cycle of time.

Create the sky with your palm and build the mountains and rivers with your steps. Walking brings you time and your every pursuit will end at the origin.


Chapter Three 
- Lost/One and oneself

People were lost in the splendid space. They and their hearts never catch up themselves.


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