Astral Sonata

- 2023

Project Type Installation
Client Park Lane by CMP
Producer 5F Productions

Interactive Web Development Ming Tsai

Photographer 黃覺深 Jason

My creations have revolved around the concept of using digital media to depict and represent the myriad aspects of the world.

In 'Astral Sonata', I painted a rich and profound cosmic landscape. The universe here flows and shimmers with mystery, forming a unique visual interpretation.

'Astral' signifies not only the brightness of the stars, the infinity of the universe, and the mystery of the galaxies, but also the boundless possibilities they contain. On the other hand, 'Sonata' portrays the harmonious fluidity of the universe, like an unending symphony, continuously evolving and creating new melodies. These melodies reflect the dynamic changes of the fluid, and also symbolize the exploration and understanding of the unknown. I have conceptualized and visualized this fluidity in the form of digital effects, allowing the audience to deeply experience the dynamic changes of the fluid and the universe.

'Astral Sonata' is my interpretation of the subtle relationship between the universe and fluids. It attempts to capture those elusive and difficult-to-understand abstract concepts, and transforms them into tangible and intuitive experiences through visual art. My goal is to lead the audience into a brand-new realm of perception, where we can explore the mysteries of the universe and the dynamic aesthetics of fluids together.

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