Hello Kongzi

- 2017

Project Type Installation
Client Hello Kongzi 
Agency Ultra Combos 叁式
Location Novotel Shenzhen Bauhinia

Credits :
Director  Ultra Combos
Modeling  Shih-Yao Chang
Design Ultra Combos, Ke Jyun Wu
Interactive System  Ke Jyun Wu

Broad Link Cultural & Creative is an enterprise which includes cultural creation, cultural investment, and creative business. Hello Kongzi, as the first cultural reforming brand of Broad Link, includes various styles of performance, such as touring exhibitions, anime, books, cultural creative products, stage plays, and humanity spaces. The project combines the news and the olds, and both the Eastern and Western cultures.

Ultra Combos invited me and we worked together for the special exhibition of Hello Kongzi at Shenzhen, China. They created the interactive programming of the font wall and the post visual design.

博林文創是一家集文化創意、文化投資、創意創業孵化為一體的文創企業。 HelloKongzi作為博林文創成功孵化的首個文化再造品牌,集巡展、動漫、圖書、文創商品、舞台劇、人文空間等多元化載體,博古納新,匯聚東西。

此次受到 Ultra Combos 叁式的邀約,一同參與了Hello Kongzi深圳特展的製作,主要負責字體牆的互動編程與後期視覺設計。

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