Golden Pin Design Award

- 2020

Project Type Installation
Client Taiwan Design Center
Agency Bito Studio

2020 has been a very unusual year.
2020 is not just a year, but a historical turning point of great significance.For this year’s ceremony, the Awards organizer transformed “2020” into a symbol that represents an opportunity for change, hoping to encourage designers and businesses alike to reflect on the existing model and rethink the meaning of creative design, so as to seek out a more sustainable future together at this critical juncture in time that marks the fulcrum between the old and the new.It's a bright new beginning at the end of this year’s dive into uncertainty.

今年金點設計獎頒獎典禮,以疫情影響下充滿變化與挑戰的「2020」為主題,象徵改變的契機,期待在此新舊劇烈更迭的關鍵時間點,呼籲設計師及產業重新思考既有模式與設計的意義,共同探尋更永續的未來。走過 2020 年,我們終將在未知的探索中逐漸明朗,邁向嶄新的開始。


Experimental Test

Full Credits :

Opening Performance

Creative Director Keng-Ming Liu
Account Director Naiyun Peng
Copy Director Vicki Huang
Art Director Tifu Huang, Chen-Lin Hsieh
Stage Designer Bird Hsu
Senior Producer Hsiang Hsieh
Producer Tammy Liu

Ideation Keng-Ming LiuQi Meng, Chen-Lin Hsieh, Tifu Huang, Hsiang Hsieh, Aka Chang, Hui Kai Su, Lu Wen HouDesign Chen-Lin Hsieh, Tifu Huang, Chin Ho Kao, Ke Jyun Wu

Storyboard Chen-Lin Hsieh, Tifu Huang, Binbin Lu

Animation  Chen-Lin Hsieh, Tifu Huang, Chin Ho Kao, Ke Jyun Wu, Derrick Liu, Bang-Wei Cheng, Albert Chaing, KhookG
Editing Tifu Huang

Music & Sound Design Cheng-Yeh Han

Scent Design ALIZ
Lighting Artist  Aka Chang
Lighting Design Sean Yu

Partial 3D animation concept inspired by Ouchhh

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