Golden Pin Design Award

- 2017

Project Type Installation
Client Taiwan Design Center
Agency Bito Studio
Location eslite Performance Hall

Credits :
Creative Director Keng-Ming Liu
Art Director Hsi-Jen Liu
Interaction Director Ke Jyun Wu
Design Ke Jyun Wu, Yi-Hsuan Li
Interaction System Ke Jyun Wu

Golden Pin Design Award has been held for 38 years since 1981. It has the longest history than any other Taiwanese awards and is the most influential Taiwanese award in designing over the world.

Convergence is Golden Pin’s main theme in 2017. They want to use the concept ofConvergence to express that the design in Asia nowadays is not only being in the confluence of cultural blend but also facing the confluence of technology’s innovation. They believe the most creative design is the only and best way to solve all the problems happening around the world when we are all living in an extremely fast-changing era. Golden Pin Award made this breakthrough of interdisciplinary and progress in 2017. It was their way to show their greatest respect to the Asian designers who are brave enough to challenge the unknown in the fast-paced world.

Bito, a motion graphic production studio in Taiwan, invited me to design and execute the interactive production at the ceremony. We integrated the interactive elements with the ceremony and tried to get rid of the passive and one-way form of traditional ceremonies. We finally created two kinds of design in order to reach our goal – stage interaction and device interaction.


本屆金點以「匯」為主軸,試圖用「匯」表達當今亞洲設計,不只身處文化交融的匯流,更面臨科技創新的匯流。於變化極端快速的當代,相信也唯有最富創意的設計,方能為所有世界上正在發生的問題,提出最好的解決方案。 本次典禮的跨界和進步,也是對所有在時代浪潮前,勇於挑戰未知的亞洲設計師們致上的最高敬意。

此次受Bito的委託,策畫並執行典禮內的互動製作。為了能充分將互動元素融入典禮內, 突破以往典禮單向、被動的形式,我們提出了兩項方案;舞台互動與裝置互動,希望藉由兩者設計語彙上的呼應,與不同互動型式的激盪,讓受邀者們更能沉浸於我們所營造的氛圍之中。

Installation One 

-- Sponge Screen

We decided to install an interactive cubicle screen at the entrance. The screen is 200 meters on each side and it perfectly performed the integration of interactive technology, art, and design in the ceremony. We chose the elastic cloth as the media of interaction between virtuality and reality. The participants can see the real-time changing on the screen and feel every slight movement of the elastic cloth. That is what we want to express – the spirit of Convergence.

為了將互動科技、藝術與設計更巧妙的融匯與體現於典禮內,我們決定在入場處放置一個長、寬、高各約200米的互動牆面,媒材上,我們選擇了彈性布做為虛實互動間的載體,搭配視覺的即時變化,讓體驗者在方寸之間的細微推壓,都能立刻從中感受到 「匯」 所傳遞的精神。

Installation Two

-- Main Stage

We deigned three interactive forms – attraction, rejection, and disturbance – and several visual performances with high quality in order to give every award recipient a unique experience. The visual performance never repeats due to the algorithms. The recipients’ poses and movements all make each second a special moment by intriguing visual effects to create different performances.



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