G.E.M. - 30th Golden Melody Awards  

- 2019

Project Type Ceremony
Location 台北小巨蛋

In 2019, which happened to be the 30th Anniversary of the Golden Melody Awards.

The theme to be carried out in that segment was “Streaming,” where Chinese superstar G.E.M. interpreted the current TOP 10 most-viewed Chinese music videos on YouTube. With streaming as the theme, there’s no doubt that “Digital,” “Technology,” and “Internet” will be used as the main imagery. The music styles of these ten songs are quite diverse, where a larger proportion is love songs. Having to properly arrange technology as the core form and style into the performance is a subject matter that needed to be well thought out and delicately designed.

More tech details :  ultracombos.com

2019 年,適逢金曲獎頒獎典禮 30 週年,很開心能參與到此次盛會的演出內容製作。

此次我們與團隊執行的段落主題為「串流 Streaming」,由華語圈極具知名度的天后鄧紫棋 G.E.M. 詮釋目前在 YouTube 觀看次數最多的中文音樂影片 TOP 10。主題為串流,毫無疑問的將以「數位」、「科技」、「網路」作為主體意象。這十首歌曲的樂風多元,且較大的比例是情歌。要將科技為核心的形式與風格妥善的安排進表演中,是一個需要多方思考與細膩設計的題目。


更多表演技術細節請至 : ultracombos.com

Live Performance

The making of Stranger In The North

-Real-Time Filmmaking

Real-Time Filmmaking is not a new concept. It is based on real-time rendering and becomes a new mode that has the most potentiality. So far, thanks to real-time rendering, which applies to game engines, the real-time multimedia system develops greatly.

The best thing about real-time rendering is that it reduces tons of calculating and processing time on images. All the operations within the software – such as lighting, motions, and materials – turn into finished products immediately. Real-time rendering highly enhances the efficiency on production and lowers the cost of communication, which is wonderful for the creators.

即時影像不是一個新的概念, 即時影像是在即時渲染的基礎上延伸發展出來的一種最具潛力的影像製成新模式。目前為止,基於遊戲引擎的即時渲染而研發的即時影像系統也得到了長足的發展。

即時渲染最大的好處就在於,所有在軟體內的操作 ( 燈光、動態、材質 ...),皆無須經過任何算圖時間,就能立即以最終成品的形式呈現在你眼前,這無疑大大增加了製作上的效率,也降低了製作中的溝通成本,一切所見及所得。

- Accurate Perspective

This song came after 癡情玫瑰花 and the change in emotion was quite huge, so, visually, we needed a larger turn. Therefore, we picked laser that would penetrate the venue, break the space barrier, and connect with the imagery, while also kicking off for the following “Inner World.”

The concept of “Inner World” comes from the text that we got the keyword streaming from in the beginning:

Carefully understanding and imagining, streaming is a concept that is both beautiful and crazy. In ancient times, when someone wants to communicate his idea, the fastest way is probably with a pigeon. Nowadays, idea comes in a new form. It no longer is a figure drawn by hand, but is often undistorted image and sound. Idea takes a new stance. Through the flow of non-visible information, it moves forward in the speed of light, like a portal which infinitely compresses the distance between two places. And next to you and me, we just need a device that can connect to the Internet, and this door can be easily opened to connect each other. There is a new city, a new world, behind the door.

The primary task of establishing the world behind the door is that certain cameras are able to film the correct perspective and effect. The simulator is once again used. Inside the simulated Taipei Arena venue, we set up a camera in the same position as that during the actual broadcast. The visual personnel only needed to design the images in this perspective and the simulator will automatically convert the images onto the LED monitor in the correct layout.



仔細理解與想像,串流是一個既美麗又瘋狂的概念。在古代,想要溝通意念,最快的方式,可能只是飛鴿。 而現代,意念有了新的樣子,不再是透過手描繪的圖文,而常是不失真的影與音。意念用新的姿態,透過不可視的資訊流動,光速前進, 像傳送門般的把兩處間的距離無限壓縮。 而你我的身邊,只需一個連上網路的設備,就可以輕易的打開這扇門,連結彼此。 在門後,是一個新的城市、新的世界。

門後世界的成立,首要任務就是在特定的拍攝機器上可以拍攝到完全正確的透視效果。模擬器再次出場,我們在模擬的小巨蛋現場內架了一隻跟實際轉播一樣位置的攝影機,視覺人員只需要針對這個視角設計畫面,模擬器就會自動的把畫面換算成 LED 螢幕的正確排版方式。

- Audio Visualization

For this song, “Stranger In The North,” G.E.M. will be rapping by herself. As a mentor in a recent famous hip hop show, this segment will inevitably need to make the audience go wild. We decided to import audio visualization to enhance the connectivity of the visual and auditory perceptions, so the dimension of the performance can reach a higher level, while still being hooked on to this year’s theme “I SEE MUSIC.” Because the subtle changes in sound within a millisecond is very sensitive, so in order to make the connectivity between the visual and music more obvious, through filtering methods, such as Low-pass, Band-pass, and High-pass, we decomposed the sounds before using them.

In addition, we set from the beginning to import her on-site voice and produce corresponding real-time effects, so as to make her live voice even more vivid.

「飄向北方」這首歌,鄧紫棋將自行 RAP,作為近期火紅的嘻哈節目導師,這段必然是需要炸裂全場的段落。我們決定導入聲音視覺化來強化視覺與聽覺的連結感,讓演出維度達到更高的層級,也扣回今年的主題「I SEE MUSIC」。由於聲音在毫秒間的幽微變化非常的靈敏,所以如果將音訊頻譜直接映射至視覺上,必然會大大降低兩者間的連結性,為了讓視覺與音樂的連動性更為明顯, 我們將聲音通過 Low-Pass、Band-Pass、High-Pass  等率波方式分解使用 。


Full Performence 

Credits :
Ceremony Chief Producer Isaac Chen
Ceremony Producers Evan Wu, 莊佩禎, 彭佳玲
Performance Visual Coordinator 3AQUA Entertainment
Visual Supervisor Guozuo Xu

Performer G.E.M.
Visual Director Guozuo Xu
Production Coordinator Hsin Yi Kuo

Interactive Visual Designer & Technical Integrator Ultra Combos
Producer Nate Wu
Project Manager William Liu
Creative Director Jay Tseng
Art Director Lynn Chiang
Visual Designers Ting-An Ho, Ke Jyun Wu, Glenn Huang, Chianing Cao
Generative Visual Artist Ke Jyun Wu
Technical Assistant Wei-An Chen
Lighting Designers & Lighting Simulation Dachai Chen, Xiaocheng Kuo
Laser Photography Instructor 林寶財
Laser Technical Consultant 陳逸明
Laser Photographer 陳柏全
Filming Technical Consultants 劉昇峰, 郭東洲, ERA Television

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