- 2020

Project Type Installation
Client UltraCombos
Location The Pier-2 Art Center.P2

Credits :
Producer Ke Jyun Wu
Art Director Ting-An Ho
Visual Design Ke Jyun Wu, Ting-An Ho, 1000 Cheng
Sound Design Triodust

Laser System Reng Tsai

Photographer Yi-Hsien Lee

Clairvoyance means the ability to perceive objects and matters beyond ordinary senses. We named this work as Clairvoyance because it perfectly describes the curiosity people have about the future. This grand artwork tells the story of how curiosity intrigues imaginations and improves technology, both of which urge people to move on.

We projected the videos and images of Clairvoyance on a wide, vertical screen and extra-long floor. The floor, which leads the audience to the screen, represents the road to the far end which all humans are trying to visit with their eyes. The audience is highly involved with this artwork by jumping between different spaces, time periods, and dimensions. Following all their senses during this mind-changing performance, people can fully enjoy a completely different experience. This is an artwork that shows our respect for all the dreamers.

Here's our message, which defines the spirit of this creation, to our audience -
There is a box in front of you. You can let your mind drift within the box and without being regulated by time and space. What you will discover later are the unsolved mysteries and the far end you have never seen before. You will also discover the known past and the unknown future, and of course something about yourself. Which moment would you decide to stay in when the images need to come to a stop eventually?

The Content

"In Process" is the high concept for Clairvoyance. As mentioned before, the nonstop exploration is the key to the core experience. With the combination of visual objects, audio, and the mixed media, we expect the audience to feel something brand new and experience the liberation of all senses and spaces.

Being in process is quite a conceptual feeling. Our team had been thinking about how to let the whole audience share the same feelings. It resulted in dismissing the idea on presenting directly through words and characters. We chose to make good use of the space field which makes people feel contained. Besides, adding symbolized elements, emphasizing the rhythm of the video, and stacking up the mixed media all enhance users' experiences. The audience can feel like traveling between space and time and even forward to the future by seeing the projected objects flying around and by moving around with their own body.

The Process


When creating large-scale artworks, it is always difficult to imagine what it will look like depending only on images and videos. Every little change of the screen's position might cause drastic differences when displaying in the actual venue. All these differences could convey completely different messages and feelings to the audience. It is a common challenge for all designers to precisely predict and imagine how their artwork would be presented on site. Comparing to previous cases, the projecting scale of this artwork is way bigger than before. In order to match the visual outputs better with the on-site experiences, we did the following two things to deal with the challenge -

1. Simulator ( VR  )

The quality of the hardware for VR (Virtual Reality) has been better as technology improves over time. We reverted the display venue by utilizing Unity3D and by creating a set of full stack media player. The work team were able to map the results on the settings in Unity3D via various ways. We could examine the results in the virtual space through VR.

2. Prototype

Comparing to Simulator (VR), Prototype focuses more on the linkage between projection and environment in the actual space. It is also a tool for examinations like the texture of the projected objects and the lighting for projecting.


Laser, which is one of the necessary media for contemporary performances, has its standard system and operational process. We have been thinking how to optimize the existed process and make it easier for visual staff on laser designs. We created an image recognition system that does not require any preparation for the designers but can immediately send elements in all formats to Beyond Pangolin Laser Systems. The image recognition system can analyze the outline of the visual elements in real-time, simplify and reorganize the analytics, and be ready for projection via the laser system under the regulated communication protocol.

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