King of Tea

- 2016

Project Type Event
Client Uni-President
Agency Ultra Combos 叁式 
Location 7-11 松高門市  

Credits :
Visual Design Weiting Zhou, Ultra Combos
Visual Script Ke-Jyun Wu
Interactive Program  Ke-Jyun Wu, Ultra Combos

King of Tea, also translated as Chai Li Won, is a famous brand of tea drinks in Taiwan. There were five new covers released under the project, The King is Here. Experts from various areas, such as cloth designing and digital technology, all participated to add a new touch to the ways of marketing and promotion for their brand identity. Ultra Combos, a digital interactive design team in Taiwan, invited me to create the interactive fridge for The King is Here.

Customers experienced and enjoyed the interactive event by cosplaying as a king at several designated convenient stores. First, the fridge automatically recognized the new cover of King of Tea’s tea drinks. Then, the correspondent virtual style of the king was revealed on the glass screen of the fridge. Customers could show their most confident and brilliant poses within the limited time. Other than enjoying being a king, the device took pictures for the customers, who could download their own king-styled photos by scanning the QR code on the fridge.

包裝外,更跨界邀請服裝、數位科技等各領域菁英一同參與全新識別的行銷宣傳。此次受到Ultra Combos 叁式的邀請,負責 「王來了」 互動冰櫃的製作

活動中,消費者可至指定超商親身體驗變裝及當王的互動樂趣,過程中冰櫃會自動辨認你所選擇的茶裏王口味新裝,並在玻璃螢幕上顯現出相對應的虛擬王造型,在限定的秒數內,消費者可任意的擺出最自信耀眼的POSE,除了享受當王的樂趣外,裝置會替消費者拍下照片,隨後使用手機掃描QR Code即可立即擁有你的專屬「王造型」。

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